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About Mercier Mentoring

        Mercier Mentoring is a full service college advisement company.  Services include essay polishing, resume creation, standardized test tutoring, interview practice, athletic showcase preparation, application assistance, college list brainstorming, assistance in university visits, as well as coach communication and scholarship obtainment. Families will feel confident about all of the options available. Each individual client receives personal care and mentorship through the entire odyssey of college acceptance. 

        Twenty five years ago I began my career as an English teacher in Brooklyn, NY where I thoroughly enjoyed urban education and the relationships I was able to foster towards success. While in NYC, I acquired a masters in English, and another as well in Supervision, and learned how to write grants for my large public comprehensive high school.  I found myself as an advocate of teenagers and positive overall school tone. One of my sophomores submitted an essay to a Langston Hughes scholarship and won five thousand dollars back in 2002. I was hooked. Fast forward a few years and my marriage and family landed me a position in North Brunswick, NJ. While engaging ninth and twelfth graders in the English classroom, I simultaneously became a cross country and distance track coach. In 2016, I was the only female girls and boys head cross coach in Middlesex County and I won Coach of the Year. It was in this position where I truly thrived in the college recruitment world. My runners needed help with exploration, SAT registration, and the ever growing angst of, “Do you think I can really accomplish this?” This role led me to enroll in UCLA’s Independent Education Consultant program where last year I was forty for forty in college acceptances. My clients know that I am educated, competent and extremely competitive when it comes to this process. I recently received the honor of Middlesex County Teacher of the 2023 Year and I can attest that I worked tirelessly on that application. Every single family that hires Mercier Mentoring receives the utmost attention to detail and a steadfast focus on the goals of every student.  

Our Goals

Streamline college admission process 

Gain scholarship money towards college

Help more children and teens graduate from high school

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